Global entreps Awards

Ever since April 2015, the Global Entreps Awards (GEA) are the ultimate, ever-evolving tool used by Entreps – International Board of Global Actors and Business for Sustainability- to identify, assemble, and reward best practices worldwide; the UN SDGs in the center of it all.

For each Entreps Awards’ new edition, 1,000 Global Jurors mine on Sustainability, Innovation and cutting-edge Techs, Good Governance, Entrepreneurship and Balance of all kinds in 126 countries and territories, in search for the state-of-the-art to be emulated by others.

For the Global Entreps Awards we move with the times and so, e. g. the 5th GEA have been split in two parts:

  • The first one on-line with Ban Ki-moon and Amina J. Mohammed and our Jurors celebrating with us the 75th anniversary of the United Nations in 2020 from NYC and Nigeria; and two years later (after a painful stop due to the Pandemic).
  • The second part of the GEA shaped as the ongoing ultimate Entreps Video-Book on Sustainability and the SDGs.

So… What is this ultimate Entreps Video-Book on Sustainability and the SDGs?

A unique new format for the Global Entreps Awards coming out after a passionate work by our Global Jurors hand in hand with the projects competing to become best practices worldwide, and a valuable number of lessons learnt.

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