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The Global Jurors are active authorities, business actors, associations, researchers, diplomats, innovators, public figures and influential citizens committed together to sustainability and good governance, now and forever.


Nature Preservation, Sustainable Business, Quality and Equality are crucial concepts followed by our Global Jurors in 126 countries and regions. 


Values that Lead Us


1,000 people

1000 Global Jurors currently belong to our community.


126 countries

Entreps gathers together and coordinates Global Jurors from 126 countries, our green fuel to feed the Global Jury with paramount projects, initiatives and public figures who make a difference implementing our main targets.


nonpartisan & nonprofit

While acting as entreps delegates, our Global Jurors must always behave as nonpartisan and nonprofit, as a matter of respect to others' views.

Some Members of entreps Global Jurors

global juror

Mariya Gabriel

entreps' Global Juror for Europe. European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

Kohei Kurihara

entreps' Global Juror for Asia. Co-Founder of Privacy by Design Lab

Michelle Ndiaye

entreps' Global Juror for Africa. Director of the Africa Peace and Security Programme at Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS)

global juror

Markku Markkula

entreps' Global Juror for Europe. First Vice-president of the European Committee of the Regions

Mª Emilia Burgos

entreps' Global Juror for LATAM. European Climate Pact Ambassador at the EU Directorate-General for Environment

Nawaal Akram

entreps' Global Juror for the Middle East. Comedian, model, sportswoman and activist for the rights of persons with disabilities.

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